Saturday, 25 June 2011

Bead Frame

I was motivated enough to finish off my project:
I chose a wavy pattern as I thought it would test my patience even greater than my previous Frame as it took more time up having to change the colours frequently. It was especially difficult to choose colours that blended into one another as you could only really tell if they were correct when they were permanently in place!
I hope you like it!
Have a great weekend!
Lucy xx

Sunday, 19 June 2011


My GCSE years are finally over, I have done all my exams and hopefully I have done well! Here is a picture of me on my last day of wearing school uniform :)
I don't have to go back to school (to learn anyway) until September, which will give me plenty of crafting time! :) I have already managed to make my mum some earrings I saw in a bead magazine that caught my eye.
They are supposed to represent fruit and leaves. But as I work mainly in sead beads I only had large red beads for the fruit. But other than my 'lack of fruit' I thought they looked very organic looking! :)

I am onto another beading project which I am half way through, but like almost everyone, the immediate project takes a back seat for a while as something newer and more exciting comes along; And this has happened with me :) - Re-decorating my Bedroom!

I always love to read all your very nice and interesting blogs and I love reading all the wonderful comments you leave on my blog!
Have a wonderful week ahead!
Lucy xx