Saturday, 28 November 2009


It has arrived! My fantastic giveaway from Yiota arrived this morning!! It is brilliant and so exciting! Fab, fab , fab stationery and xmas extras. I have taken photos:Wonderfully wrapped!!! All the lovely goodies inside. This notebook has the most beautiful paintings of the flora and fauna of Greece. So so interesting and gorgeous!! I don't even want to write in it!!!!! And the lovely Ribbon and Christmas goodie!!!
Thank you soooo much Yiota!!
Hope you all have a lucky week like mine!
Lucy xx

Monday, 23 November 2009

Saturday outing.

Sunday and today I have had a high temperature and a bad cold so I have not been able to do my usual weekend post. But what has kept my spirits high is knowing that I have won Yiota's lovely goodies in her giveaway!!! YAY :)
Luckily on Saturday I took part in a girl's Enterprise day at my school, It was a lot of fun!! I chose to make chocolate truffles and peppermint creams at the 'Sugar and Spice' workshop, also took a photo of my friend and myself and put different backgrounds on it, and finally did some sand blasting on a square piece of glass which became a candle holder!!
I hope you are all well.
Lucy xx

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Gardening for wildlife.

We have joined NATURAL ENGLAND'S 'The Big Wildlife Garden' campaign. I have made a bug house out of wood and we are creating a variety of wildlife habitats throughout the garden.
The compost bin is well used and full of worms!! A hedgehog visited the garden regularly this autumn to fatten up before hibernating for the winter.
Just a quick post today as I have an exam next week! Lots of studying to do !!!!
Enjoy the week ahead.
Lucy xx

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Finally!! My blanket is finished. My mum has been crocheting a large blanket for my bed (all made out of 100% wool) and it is done...
Nice and colourful just how I like it!!
Along with all that excitement I decided to make a custard tart. never really made one before so it was an experiment.

Lovely, a lot of work to prepare the pastry and surprisingly the centre took a mere 5 minutes to make!!!!
Well that's all for today.
Hope everyone has a nice week.
Lucy xx