Friday, 21 January 2011

End of dog project!

My dog project for art is finally finished!! I painted Smithy (below) as another piece of my coursework in acrylics as a change from Candy. I really loved the expression on her face.
For my final piece I chose Candy lurking in the grass. As it was my final piece and I wanted to achieve my target grade, I payed close attention to the fur and background.

My next project will be my last for my art GCSE as it is my exam.

Allotment update:
The ground has been awfully hard recently, so we have not been digging much, however my mum and I have bought some seeds ready to sow and we are taking some nice pieces of wood over tomorrow, ready for me to build some raised beds and other useful things.

I am relieved to hear that I have achieved my target grade in my maths GCSE early and have progressed onto A Level maths to get a head start, so lots of homework ahead!!

Sorry I have not been on a lot recently as I have not been particularly well, but soon to see a paediatrician, who will get me back on track!
Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!
Lucy xx