Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Painting and Poppies!

My autumn Poppies have germinated and I hope the warmer weather will help them to grow bigger.
I have planted them in a large container to protect them from the big galavanting paws of the doggies!
I have also painted my final Dalmatian and improved it.
My art project on dogs is taking hours and hours to do!!
I have to do a lot of practicing, especially of eyes! I am happy with one above, but painting fur is quite difficult!
November and December are quite hectic for exams. I will be glad when all my maths exams are over!!
Hope you all have a nice week. Lucy xx

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Beads, Crochet and Puppydogs....

At long last my mum and I had an evening of crafting together! I did the Beading and my mum did the Crocheted bags from left over yarn.
I came up with a new design of dragonfly that is more delicate for around the neck.
I have a new art project on the go, it differs from the others as I got to choose any subject to base it on. As I love my doggies very much I thought dogs would be great to paint. This is a little practice piece.
Last week was work experience week again! I decided this time that I would spend it at my mum's school. I found it such an amazing experience and didn't want to leave!!
Happy weekend to you all!
Lucy xx