Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Sneaky Peek ;)

I have a little project developing. You can probably guess what it is....
Yes its a frame that I have decided to stick beads onto! It is just a trial run so not an over complicated design, but its proving to be a time consuming one at that!!
I am going away for a few days to the gorgeous Northumberland (Wooler) cottage again so I will be hard at work with the frame, I may just get it finished!!
I will have plenty of pictures to show when I come back. :D
The holidays are nearly over! I seem to have been so busy mainly because my brother is visiting us and I haven't seen him for 11 months. He is flying back from Manchester Airport in the morning and I will miss him but it has been great doing all sorts of activities with him!
Have a nice week ahead.
Lucy xx

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Summer Camp...

Well the Summer Camp was a very good experience. All the children co-operated and listened to all my instructions, especially when they were bribed to behave with a football signed by our local football team!!
I did many crafting activities with each group: Painting totem poles that I had pre made from toilet roll tubes, making bracelets from beads or Scoobies, painting aprons and making and painting for the big banner!
Everyone seemed to enjoy my sessions and no one complained about them being boring, which was my main worry :) The most difficult but most popular activity was my beaded dragonflies. I simplified my complex design so that it would be easier to explain and complete by the children. It proved a great success!!
This is the big banner I designed for the children to paint and then I finished it off with gold and silver pen to make it look a little neater.
I created templates for ladybirds and frogs so that the children could create their own from felt and then I could stick it on to the banner and write their names underneath so when it is hung up they can say "I did that one!!" hehe :D

On a different note the weather here has been absolutely gorgeous and I have enjoyed sitting in the garden reading a bead mag and watching all the lovely birds come very very close to me!! :D

Hope you are all having good weather too!
Lucy xx

Friday, 13 August 2010

London trip.

Last weekend was a very new experience! My mum and I travelled down to London and stayed in a Bed and Breakfast in Northolt, the trip lasted four days. Setting off early on Friday left us with the afternoon to travel in to Covent Garden, using the underground trains. We then walked to Aldwych Theatre to see Dirty Dancing on the west end. It was an amazing show, I enjoyed it A LOT!!
The second day we traveled to Kew gardens, (there was an amazing butterfly and moth house where you can walk around and photograph all the wonderful creatures). We stayed there for a most of the day (until it closed at 5.30) and took the number 11 bus, which drove past all the main attractions such as: Big Ben, (even little Ben!!) the London Eye, Westminster ... We got off at St Paul's Cathedral and walked along the Millennium Bridge to Tate Modern. By this time it was getting dark so we didn't go round a lot of the art gallery and I also started to get ear ache, so headed back to the Lodge.
On the Third day, the Natural History Museum was a must!! I had to see everything and it was soooooo big!! That was all we did that day because we were so tired (Approximately 6 and a half hours in the museum)
The last day consisted of driving home with a little stop off at the gorgeous gardens of Trentham. The pictures say it all!!
Pictures and update of the summer camp will be in my next post, but for now have a wonderful weekend!
Lucy xx

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Garden update :)

The garden has grown and bloomed since the last photographs, so here are a few more photos to show the summer growth.
One more week to go at the summer camp. I must get materials together for tomorrows session.
Wishing you all a relaxing weekend!
Lucy xx