Saturday, 24 July 2010

Finished school.........Finally!!!

I had my last day of year 10 at school yesterday and it was great!! Finished with a bang in science, (explosion experiments) a little party in tutor period and time to chat with all my friends in English. I also was given next years timetable for lessons, its the same as this years but I have many new teachers.

Now to show you, what I wanted to show you, a long time ago, but as I was so overwhelmed with work this is the first opportunity I have had!
For my project I had to choose two different shoe artists(from a given list) and copy a piece or two of their work and write an analysis. For my first artist I chose Madison Moore. Copied three pieces of her work, trying to get them as accurate as possible.
For my second artist I chose Mark Schwartz. His style of painting shoes is very abstract and to copy his work I had to choose some of his more simple works.

To conclude I made a little flip book with some of his other (more complicated) paintings in and then painted a sketch of some art materials.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you are having a relaxing, sunny summer!
Lucy xx

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Quick stop by

This summer is just flying by! I had an engineering placement at a company in Keighley last week which I thoroughly enjoyed although I was exhausted from sawing metal and handling unfamiliar equipment as well as getting used to the long working hours!
I am now very behind with all my other work (art, english etc) at school because most people did not have a placement. I am trying not to panic!!! The school's music concert is next week too which means that I should practice my piano a lot as well.

The photo above is of my stall at the summer fayre after quite a bit has been sold - not much left there! I helped to put the shed up that is in the garden behind me. The school run a summer camp during the first two weeks of the holidays and I have been asked to run three sessions of art and craft activities with the primary school children. I will have to plan the activities very well and order lots of materials. I feel quite honoured!
I am sorry that I have not been on for so long - it has been hectic but I will catch up very soon.
Hope you are all keeping well and I promise to get back to blogging by August!!!
Lucy xx