Sunday, 11 July 2010

Quick stop by

This summer is just flying by! I had an engineering placement at a company in Keighley last week which I thoroughly enjoyed although I was exhausted from sawing metal and handling unfamiliar equipment as well as getting used to the long working hours!
I am now very behind with all my other work (art, english etc) at school because most people did not have a placement. I am trying not to panic!!! The school's music concert is next week too which means that I should practice my piano a lot as well.

The photo above is of my stall at the summer fayre after quite a bit has been sold - not much left there! I helped to put the shed up that is in the garden behind me. The school run a summer camp during the first two weeks of the holidays and I have been asked to run three sessions of art and craft activities with the primary school children. I will have to plan the activities very well and order lots of materials. I feel quite honoured!
I am sorry that I have not been on for so long - it has been hectic but I will catch up very soon.
Hope you are all keeping well and I promise to get back to blogging by August!!!
Lucy xx


marigold jam said...

Glad you enjoyed your placement even if it was hard work! You did well on your stall by the look of things? Hope your art and craft sessions go well - am sure they will - you wouldn't have been asked if they didn't think you could do it!

Enjoy the school holidays and we will look forward to hearing from you when you get any spare moments - not easy I know!

Jane x

The Garden Bell said...

Have a great July. Sounds like you are off and running keeping busy this summer. Enjoy all your service work. It's great for your future and job resume. You are a very impressive young lady and your Mum should be ever so proud of you. We hope you can check back in with us all when you can.

Kate - T.G.B.

How's your garden doing?

Joy said...

I do miss your posts, but I think you have your priorities right! Good luck catching up at school, I am sure you will be fine!

Louise said...

wow busy lady. Excellent news of the summercamp tutoring. I hope it goes well and that you enjoy it. Happy summer to you when you get to it.

Printed Material said...

Life sounds hectic Lucy but I bet you're getting loads of experience. All of it will help somewhere along the line believe me. When you decide please tell us what craft activities you're going to run. That sounds right up my street - could I pretend to be a lot younger and turn up? Enjoy the summer break and keep in touch. We miss you. Lesley x

Yiota said...

Hi sweetie! You don't need to apologise for not being here! You are a teenager and a very busy one, too!
I'm sure your mum is very proud of you. Good luck with everything you do!
Take care!