Saturday, 19 June 2010

A wonderful Saturday surprise!!

I received a fantastic surprise in the post this morning from Yiota at Shells and Bells Flowers and Showers. I love anything arty and the painting of the yachts by a "foot and mouth painter"
made me realize how lucky I am to have my hands to do all the things that I do!
It is also nice to see an oil painting (below) done by a Greek artist. Unfortunately
the colours haven't come out quite right in the photograph!It is much nicer than this! The butterfly stickers and little note pad are sooo pretty!!!! Thank you Yiota!

The Summer Fayre is next Saturday at school. My mum and I have been quite busy when time allows, making things to sell for school funds, including some crocheted bunting! Here are some of the items:

This is my box of beaded sales items standing by for next Saturday!!!
Now back to finishing my school shoe art project. When it has been marked by my art teacher I shall take some photos!
Have a great weekend!!
Lucy xx


Yiota said...

"made me realize how lucky I am to have my hands to do all the things that I do!"
I'm glad you 'got the message' and that you liked what I sent you. There are four more recipients of similar surprises; I just felt like sharing things.
Look at all these things you've made; and for such a great cause! You and your mother are very talented!

marigold jam said...

Lucky girl! Love your crochet and beaded items too. Have a good weekend.


Louise said...

The economic down turn caught up with even our summer fair!! Still it was nice catching up with some old friends. I hope yours goes well I would definately buy the buntingxxx

The Garden Bell said...

Love all you new paintings. Isn't it fun when the postman arrive. I just love the mail... ok, except when the yarn bill arrives.

You bunting is wonderful and the colors you picked are great. So, reminds me of the other Luc.

Nice stash for the sale. Hope you do well. Can't wait for your school year to end. So, we can see you around more often

It was like the land of Oz here last night. It was the first time in years where I actually went to the basement. All survived here in my garden.. but we have a lot of branches to head out and pick-up. Storms predicated for the next 10 days, so looks like I have some hooky time ahead. At least I don't have to water.

Enjoy the weekend,

The Garden Bell said...

I don't know if you have found, who I call.

Lizzie Cat

But I think you would love here blog and colors. She is right up there with Luc in my mind... some times even ahead...shhhhh... don't tell.

Printed Material said...

You are a lucky girl. What a lovely surprise and so clever of Yiota to know exactly what to send you. The crochet hook looks like it's been doing overtime as well - that's a lot of work there! Good luck to you and Mum for the stall next week. Enjoy what's left of the weekend. Lesley xx

Joy said...

Lovely things! Good luck at the Summer Fayre! Your items will add greatly to the festival atmosphere as well as the find raising!

Jasmine J O'Neill-Stone said...

Wow luce. Lucky parcel! I love getting post, its fun, and that water colour of the boats is amazing! the things you have made for the Fair look great, goodwork!

Jas x