Thursday, 30 December 2010

Allotment business....

After MONTHS of waiting... finally my mum and I have got the Allotment!! As you can see it is very overgrown and the second picture shows how we are tackling it a little at a time, when the weather allows.
We are going to grow herbs, onions, potatoes, peas (my fav!!), swiss chard and pumpkin... I cant wait to tuck into some of the delectable goodies when they are grown!! :D

My Christmas was very fun packed and I was stuffed full of gorgeous Christmas food...
I hope you all have had a very happy Christmas and the new year brings good health and happiness.

Lucy xx

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Continuation of dog art.

Well, my art project at school is progressing, all be it at a slow pace!! Below is another copy of an artists painting. It needs improving an awful lot and isn't quite done yet!
I found a photo of Candy (my Springer Spaniel) when she was a puppy, and decided to replicate it. Many hours were put into this painting!!

I hope all this work pays off and gets me the A!! There are many more paintings to do, and I must get on with them! :)

Very VERY!! cold weather here, luckily no more snow fall! I hope it's the same for you :)
Have a WONDERFUL Christmas!!
Lucy xx

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Exams are over until January!

Finished my final exam before Christmas on Thursday and then Thursday after school, the Community Centre had a Christmas Fayre and this is my stall!
At long last I can do some blogging - Apart from the exams I haven't been very well just recently. On the mend now and looking forward to the Christmas holidays!!
I hope you are all keeping well.
Lucy xx