Saturday, 11 December 2010

Exams are over until January!

Finished my final exam before Christmas on Thursday and then Thursday after school, the Community Centre had a Christmas Fayre and this is my stall!
At long last I can do some blogging - Apart from the exams I haven't been very well just recently. On the mend now and looking forward to the Christmas holidays!!
I hope you are all keeping well.
Lucy xx


The Garden Bell said...

Yipee.... so glad to have you back in blogland. Proud that you were able to walk away and concentrate on those exams. I imagine you did extremely well, as you are one smart cookie.

Now, about thos little hackie sack balls for playing with the kids outdoors. Just too cute and so much fun. You have to let us in your secret pattern. They would be cute too stuff with a hanger on a Christmas tree in Red/Green and White... Endless ideas.

Toodles for now-
Kate - The Garden Bell

Louise said...

Your stall looks very pretty. Such a lot of hard work. I am glad your exams are over before the hols. I always remember revising in the hols. They were so cruel in those days.

marigold jam said...

So good to see you again - do hope that now that all your exams are finished and the holidays ahead you will soon be fully recovered and fighting fit again soon. You did well to make all those items (did you make them yourself?) on your stall. Hope you did well with them all. Looking forward to seeing a bit more of you during the holidays - we miss you.


Joy said...

Congratulations for the end of exams! That is a great market stall! What a lot of work to make all those beautiful things. I hope you can have a gentle time getting your health back and doing whatever you want! Best Wishes!

Louise said...

What a relief it must be to have exams over at last! How horrible to have to study so hard during the holidays. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, glad to hear you are on the mend. Your stall looks just lovely, I am sure it did well. Have a fab holiday!

Yiota said...

Hello you! Welcome back! Hope you're feeling much better today. I love your stall! How on earth did you find time to make these with all the exams you had?
Take Care!

Rosa Goncalves said...

Olá, passei para lhe agradecer a sua visita , adorei, parabens aos seus trabalhos adorei, jinhossssssss Rosa

Rosa Goncalves said...

Hay 6 días para Navidad.
Gracias por tu amistad, la atención y el afecto especial.
Que el universo puede cubrir con las bendiciones y siempre ángeles de paz muy feliz.Que bendiga
usted y su familia todos los años al día siguiente! Feliz Navidad y un brillante Año Nuevo!
Besos! Rosa