Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Painting and Poppies!

My autumn Poppies have germinated and I hope the warmer weather will help them to grow bigger.
I have planted them in a large container to protect them from the big galavanting paws of the doggies!
I have also painted my final Dalmatian and improved it.
My art project on dogs is taking hours and hours to do!!
I have to do a lot of practicing, especially of eyes! I am happy with one above, but painting fur is quite difficult!
November and December are quite hectic for exams. I will be glad when all my maths exams are over!!
Hope you all have a nice week. Lucy xx


The Garden Bell said...

You just keep painting my friend. Nice job. You get poppies now...oh, how lucky you are. Were are putting everything away for a long winter here in Chicago.

Joy said...

Great stuff! Good luck with it all!

marigold jam said...

That painting looks great to me! Lovely dog too. Good luck with your poppies. and with your exams!

Louise said...

Wow Lucy, I know that I have said it before but you have one heck of a talent. Bummer about the exams but they are worth it in the end and then you have Christmas to recover. Don't work too hard!! L

Yiota said...

good luck with your exams! your painting is great!

Rosa Goncalves said...

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