Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ready to show!!

Well I am now back at school and already doing lots of work.
My Holiday in Northumberland was very peaceful as my mum and I sat in the garden and did lots of crafting (painting, beads and crochet) But only pictures of the finished frame at the moment! My slate project will soon be finished for show!
I hope you like the frame!!
It has changed a lot since you last saw it, there are now three background colour changes - Green, Pink and White. If you look carefully at the frame, weaving in between the circles is a curvy line of 2 cut and bugle beads of a different shade
of the background colour that is surrounding it.
These are the four different reds I used for the circles - Transparent, Silver lined, Opaque and 2 cut. Around the circles I used Iris seed beads to make the red stand out.
A little close up of the green seed beads that I used as one of my back grounds.
I really enjoyed this project and I may just start a new frame, but it will not be completed fast as I have a lot of work to do!!
Hope everyone is having a nice week and that the weekend is very bright and cheery!!
Lucy xx


The Garden Bell said...

This still is stunning. I sure wish I had my eyes to be able to do that small beading. Must wear my readers now. Glad to hear you are back at school. Stay in touch. And don't study too hard, just hard enought.....


Louise said...

wow I love the frame its very intricate, you must have good eyesight.

marigold jam said...

Brilliant Lucy! Very intricate - you must have loads of patience. Good luck with you new school year - I expect the work will mount up but I am sure you will cope and some crafting now and then will balance things nicely. Thanks for your comment on my story - you are right about the mothers and daughters being strong without a father in the home and their relationship is somehow different to those who have a father in the frame.

Did you just add a new background? As I was about to post my comment I realised you have a lovely beaded background to your blog - love it.

Jane x

Joy said...

Beautiful work! The subtle bits add such depth to the design! I love it!

Yiota said...

Hello my talented friend! This looks gorgeous!
Love the background! Happy new school year! I'm sure you'll do great!
Take Care!