Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Stalls in OZ

 Hello everyone! :) I have been very busy and unable to keep up in the blogging world unfortunately.

I have had two stalls just a week apart and so we have been stocking and restocking. 
The first stall was the fairy festival in Oakworth. It was a wonderfully sunny day with amazing entertainment. 
slightly windy, but a successful day all the same.  

I have also been busy making price tags myself to save some money and also some paper bags and card boxes all with a Celtic knot stamped on them to keep them all uniform and much more professional looking :)  

Above is the second faery festival stall in Cottingley, This was a very windy day! and everything on the stall was blowing away therefore everything had to stay in boxes and not be laid out enough, the gazebo was getting allot of our attention as it was almost blowing away and the wind has even ripped some of the edges! So repairing is definitely needed, but all in all many wonderful people stopped by and it was very successful! So much so that The mushroom fairy houses are being fully restocked! 

Very happy with how they both went and now for winter and the months I am back at uni everything will be sold on Ebay and Etsy.

I hope everyone has a great week! 
Lucy xx

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The big(ish) reveal

 So this is the project I asked everyone to guess! I was making a fairy house. It has taken a while to finish the roof as I probably didn't choose the easiest style! 

 After finishing this I thought little mushroom fairy houses would be a good idea. Therefore I created all of the bellow. The clay is baked and varnished with little added extras like bells and they stand on slate with wool as grass.

 There must have been a stone under where I was placing them as they all look a tad wonky, but I can assure you they all sit straight and upright! The last one uses glow in the dark clay to give a very ethereal look :) 
I also had time for this all red beaded dragon.

I love this photo as the light shines through the spine of the wings they look like they're on fire.

That's all for today! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far.
Lucy x

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hello everyone! :) my first week back at home from University has been very filled! The weekend was the grand depart of the Tour de France in Yorkshire. On the Saturday, my family and I traveled to Ilkley and watched the bikes wizz past and then watched on the big screen with the rest of the spectators. On Sunday the tour was coming through my town so a quick walk down and watched them wizz past again! :) It was quite an experience to go from watching the riders on television every year to seeing them on my towns streets.

The break away from the peloton bellow. 


The garden is flourishing with veg and fruit! The currents are all ready to eat and the peas are fast approaching which I am very looking forward to eating whilst doing my makes! 


A sudden burst of growth on a clematis my mum and I bought from the Chelsea flower show a few years back called 'Ooh La La'. Its a very pretty clematis and will hopefully get bigger with all this sunshine! 

 I have been clearing out all my old toys and found my Hama beads and could not for the life of me want to give them away. So I decided to make little kits for children, which they can buy at my stalls in august. Very cheap too as I am getting rid of them after all! Despicable me films are my favourite and are also very popular with children so I thought it was a good idea to start designing kits to make minions :) 

Then I think I got a little carried away with the minion theme and made polymer fimo clay minions in all shapes, sizes and expressions! These are going to be keyrings. 

I also tried out some other clay keyrings such as this guitar below.

Also some clown fish to keep with the childrens movie theme. (Nemo from finding Nemo) all different as the shape and eyes and fins were more of an experiment. 

That is it for this week except a little project I have been working on that is a mix of polymer clay and wood that is very in keeping with the stalls theme that I will be attending, anyone care to take a guess at what it could be? 
I hope everyone has had a lovely sun filled week! 

Saturday, 28 June 2014

New ventures

Well my first year of university is officially over, which has given me time to try some new beading techniques. Below is a necklace I hand stitched using Miyuki Tila and Miyuki Delica beads with crystal beads. I must say I used all my most expensive beads on this necklace, but hopefully it will be a popular design.

Below is a bracelet using peyote stitch. I have had these neon orange beads for a while now and I have had no use for them! so I thought as a one off to use them up I would create this bracelet with a shaped wrist area. This stitch is a very tedious one and I think a thinner bracelet will be tackled next :) 

The Tour de France is kicking off in England this year and the riders will be cycling through my home town so I thought little bicycle keyrings would be cute. This is just a prototype, but I may stick with it as my other attempts were a little poor! 

I have become quite obsessed with ebay at the moment as I have started using my fimo polymer clay again which it turns out gets used up very fast! I have been busy making a wide range of things including my own beads which is very handy. I will share my makes in my next post.

I hope everyone has a lovely week ahead! 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Bad photography!

Really sorry for any blurriness, I use my iPad camera and it can be very unfocused at times!
My girlfriend (business partner) and I are very busy beading for the stalls and I am currently trying to plan and possibly go ahead with teaching some beading at the Embsay craft Samuel Taylor's shop. So August is going to be a very hectic month before I pack up and get back to university!

I thought I would share the padded jewellery display I made from scrap wood and fabric which folds away for storage and is sturdy. Since these photos I have added some ribbon to make the display have a few more purposes. Hopefully my stalls won't be too packed!

 This is my latest dragon that I have made, I added scales along its spine which has made the whole bead work a bit more rigid and strong which I am pleased with.

So once again I have bought some more beads :/ I really do have a lot, but 'I can't buy happiness but I can buy beads which really is the same thing!'
Anyway! I bought a size smaller than I usually use which makes all my designs cuter, but the beads are very difficult to use as they're so small and the wire won't go through the beads more than twice.
I haven't used a lot of them yet so more mini ornaments will be on the way.

This is the size comparison using the same design.

I would just like to thank Louise at Gephart386 for our first ever order on Etsy! I would love to post photos, but I completely forgot to take some! So I hope it's a surprise :)

Also thank you for the comments on my last blog post. I wasn't expecting anything as it has been three years! They brightened my day!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

New start - from hobby to small business

Hello everyone :) I will be having a new start on this blog which will document the things my business partner and I do, create and let everyone know future events. I will post and keep up with everyone as much as I can as I still have university, but the summer is all mine :)
I have a few places I sell and promote:
- LucyCaitlin.deviantart.com
- www.facebook.com/BeadyEyesBeadwork
- www.Etsy.com/uk/shop/BeadyEyesBeadwork?ref=search_shop_redirect
- www.eBay.co.uk/user/beadyeyesbeadwork22?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

Events coming up: faery festival in Oakworth - 9th august
faery festival in Cottingley - 16th august

Heres a few photos of what's created :)

 New business cards :)

I think that's everything :) have a good week!