Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The big(ish) reveal

 So this is the project I asked everyone to guess! I was making a fairy house. It has taken a while to finish the roof as I probably didn't choose the easiest style! 

 After finishing this I thought little mushroom fairy houses would be a good idea. Therefore I created all of the bellow. The clay is baked and varnished with little added extras like bells and they stand on slate with wool as grass.

 There must have been a stone under where I was placing them as they all look a tad wonky, but I can assure you they all sit straight and upright! The last one uses glow in the dark clay to give a very ethereal look :) 
I also had time for this all red beaded dragon.

I love this photo as the light shines through the spine of the wings they look like they're on fire.

That's all for today! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far.
Lucy x

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Marigold Jam said...

Those little toadstool houses are beautiful - such detail you have included too. Is that a little lamp or perhaps an outdoor shower in the third photo? Are these for sale iat the Faery Festivals? If so I am sure they will soon be snapped up they are lovely. Any fairy would love to live in one of them.