Thursday, 26 March 2015

projects and pox

Haven't been here in a while, but thought I would update on some recent projects. :)

None of these are from the last week as, despite being 20, I have come down with chicken pox, I suppose it was inevitable since I didn't have it as a child, but it really is a pain!

I haven't been selling anything, just creating new designs and ideas.

The above are both Miyuki tila and super duo beaded bracelets that follow a scalloped shape.

Mushroom castle complete with mini dragon

Winter mushroom candle holder

Isle of Berk from How to Train Your Dragon made from clay on slate.

My first attempt at a mushroom village complete with tiny glow in the dark mushroom street lamps, a mini waterfall, some mining pickaxes and train-cart full of coal and a little owl.

Finally a Jasper wire tree mounted on a quarts rock.

Bye for now!
Lucy xx