Sunday, 27 September 2009

Bronte parsonage museum.

Yesterday I took a trip to the Bronte Parsonage Museum, which is very close , I'm surprised that I have never been before!! Unfortunately I didn't take my camera but here is a link - BRONTE PARSONAGE MUSEUM.
I had an order to complete from my Auntie: some earrings and I made some little felt pouches to put them in.
I also made something new - A pouch to carry your keys in - It goes around your neck and as you pull the ribbon it pulls the keys into it. Take a look.
I did a Halloween themed one with some new neon orange thread, which worked very well I think.
The most crafty thing I make is bracelets, not the weaved kind I do on my loom but the straight forward, on some elastic type ones. I made quite a few I must admit, so simple yet so popular.Well that's all for today, hope everyone has a nice week
Lucy xx

Saturday, 19 September 2009

A little visitor!

A little visitor came to see me on Wednesday, I was sat making some beaded things, when i saw Candy sniffing at my school bag. I thought it was a spider. (since I had one in my bedroom a few days earlier) So i stayed on my bed just in case!! After a while candy went out of my room so i decided to shut the door, and all of a sudden i hear cheeping! I had to investigate!! After moving my bag, a cute little birdy flew out onto my bed!!Around I ran trying to catch it, it went under my bed behind the curtains everywhere!! Finally i caught it, it turned out to be a juvenile blue tit! The only way it must have gotten into my room was via my window which wasn't open very wide.... odd!!
Hope everyone has had a nice week
Lucy xx

Friday, 11 September 2009

Well where have i been.

I haven't been on recently. :( I haven't even managed any arts and crafts!!
I have got my new timetable for school though, it is the best timetable i have had since i have been at Oakbank! I have the usual Engli
sh, maths, science and PE. The best bit is i got offered an engineering diploma which is what i wanted all along :) and i got an option with that and i chose ART!! :P here it is. EN = english, MA = maths, SC = science, AR = art, EG = engineering :)
Not the greatest pic. :(
Well because i didn't have much time to do anything i thought id show you all some things me and my mum have made earlier :)
I did this for summer camp at my mums school as an example. A family friend took me to one of these places where you get to paint pottery, sooo fun!! heh.My mum made this pillow for me a long time ago in what was my fav colours :)A Totem pole, the story is i used to love art attack and saw this in one of the books i loved and decided to make :) Just a Hama bead creation really. :P have a nice weekend Lucy x

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Candy is helping!

Yesterday I needed to get some arty crafty things from under my bed to put in my new shelves, (have pictures as soon as ready) unfortunately all of the stuff i needed was in a storage box at the pack of my bed, SO i have to get on my front and wiggle under. As i was moving things around a little wet nose touched my arm, at first i got a big shock! So i wiggled back out to find my dog Candy under my bed!! I have a few photos, I think one is blurred but its shows you how determined she was to help!! Well today i have been preparing for my first day back at school, up early tomorrow!!
SO really haven't had much chance of doing a bit of crafting, but instead i baked a cake. Very sweet, teehee!! Two round Sponge cakes, melted Chocolate some Sprinkles, Marzipan and Edible Glitter!!
Well that's all for today hopefully have a bit more tomorrow but as i said I'm back to school!! ahhhh!!!
hope you all have a nice day tomorrow
Lucy xx