Friday, 11 September 2009

Well where have i been.

I haven't been on recently. :( I haven't even managed any arts and crafts!!
I have got my new timetable for school though, it is the best timetable i have had since i have been at Oakbank! I have the usual Engli
sh, maths, science and PE. The best bit is i got offered an engineering diploma which is what i wanted all along :) and i got an option with that and i chose ART!! :P here it is. EN = english, MA = maths, SC = science, AR = art, EG = engineering :)
Not the greatest pic. :(
Well because i didn't have much time to do anything i thought id show you all some things me and my mum have made earlier :)
I did this for summer camp at my mums school as an example. A family friend took me to one of these places where you get to paint pottery, sooo fun!! heh.My mum made this pillow for me a long time ago in what was my fav colours :)A Totem pole, the story is i used to love art attack and saw this in one of the books i loved and decided to make :) Just a Hama bead creation really. :P have a nice weekend Lucy x


marigold jam said...

Good luck at school - so glad you got the timetable you wanted - it can be difficult I remember trying to fit all the subjects you want together. Love your crafty bits too. Now that you are having to work hard at school I don't suppose you will have as much time for blogging but do hope you'll pop in now and then to keep in touch.


Louise said...

Nice to hear you are so happy about your timetable at school. Love your hama bead art, very clever - must take a lot of patience, something I don't have :-)
Have a nice weekend.