Thursday, 3 September 2009

Candy is helping!

Yesterday I needed to get some arty crafty things from under my bed to put in my new shelves, (have pictures as soon as ready) unfortunately all of the stuff i needed was in a storage box at the pack of my bed, SO i have to get on my front and wiggle under. As i was moving things around a little wet nose touched my arm, at first i got a big shock! So i wiggled back out to find my dog Candy under my bed!! I have a few photos, I think one is blurred but its shows you how determined she was to help!! Well today i have been preparing for my first day back at school, up early tomorrow!!
SO really haven't had much chance of doing a bit of crafting, but instead i baked a cake. Very sweet, teehee!! Two round Sponge cakes, melted Chocolate some Sprinkles, Marzipan and Edible Glitter!!
Well that's all for today hopefully have a bit more tomorrow but as i said I'm back to school!! ahhhh!!!
hope you all have a nice day tomorrow
Lucy xx

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Louise said...

I love it when our dog's try to 'help' us - they are so much fun! Hope you have a fantastic first day back at school.