Saturday, 19 September 2009

A little visitor!

A little visitor came to see me on Wednesday, I was sat making some beaded things, when i saw Candy sniffing at my school bag. I thought it was a spider. (since I had one in my bedroom a few days earlier) So i stayed on my bed just in case!! After a while candy went out of my room so i decided to shut the door, and all of a sudden i hear cheeping! I had to investigate!! After moving my bag, a cute little birdy flew out onto my bed!!Around I ran trying to catch it, it went under my bed behind the curtains everywhere!! Finally i caught it, it turned out to be a juvenile blue tit! The only way it must have gotten into my room was via my window which wasn't open very wide.... odd!!
Hope everyone has had a nice week
Lucy xx


marigold jam said...

Oh the dear little thing! I do hope it will survive. I remember being about your age and hearing something under my bed one night and it turned out to be a tiny bat!

Louise said...

Gosh you were super brave to even look and see what the noise was! I would have left the room for sure. Once when I was a teenager in Australia, I found a small snake in my room ! Thank goodness for my Dad and his golf club. :-) I hope the little bird is big enough to survive on it's own.

Yiota said...

Hey Lucy! I found you from a comment you left to Marigold Jam and was intrigued to read a teenagers blog as I feel close to that age having worked with teenagers for years. I think your blog is wonderful and having seen some of your crafts I can tell you're very talented.
Have a Lovely week.

Around the hook said...

Oh what a cutie!
I hope it will survive!

Have a nice weekend!, or for what is over!