Monday, 31 August 2009


Here is the project my mum and I are working on, its not going to be finished for some time though. :( Too much other stuff to do!!

Found some old felt yesterday and decided i should make some things to sell out of it. Well I have been making lots of things because I'm soon going to sell lots of stuff on the Internet. i.e. Ebay... Ive made so far a few purses and a badge but i have cut out all the shapes, have a look.|
Starting with sheets, finishing with ......

( The back of the blue purse)

To store all this so i can stockpile them, i need to take a trip to Ikea and get a bit of storage :) should have the finishing look of my bedroom ( it will look very packed) tomorrow or Wednesday!
Hope you like what i have done :) Have a nice week. Lucy x

Friday, 28 August 2009

Whats missing??

I was looking at the butterflies for the wedding order and thought... Whats missing?
My brother kindly filled me in: The
Antennae!! So here is one I did .. tell me what you think! :) Should have a sneaky peak at a project me and my mum are working on soon. :)
Lucy x

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Packed and ready!

Just one little thing to show you today, iv packed the Butterflies for the wedding order in my very own handmade box :)

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Recipe for Muffins.

I was clearing out my baking cupboard this morning, when i found some newly bought icing, so I thought I should make some Chocolate Chip Muffins with icing on top but made my way!!
Ingredients: Sugar, Butter/Margarine, 2 Eggs, V
anilla Essence, Icing Sugar, Self Raising Flour and Chocolate.
I never measure out ingredients because i find it always tastes better!
Firstly i add the Butter (Around 3-4 table spoons) and Sugar (same amount of Butter or more if needed), I then mix for the first stage.Secondly, I add the Eggs and whisk until the sloppiness of the Egg has mingled with the Butter and Sugar. It always looks awful! Thirdly I would add the Chocolate chunks. I never buy the Chocolate Chips because you never get the taste of Chocolate unless you add loads of them, so I thought i would take a picture of the chunks I use. I tend to get a bar of Morrison's own brand of Chocolate and use a whole lot!!Next I would add a tsp of Vanilla Essence, Icing Sugar and Self Raising Flour. I mix together until nice and creamy. Now put the mixture into Muffin Cases. Then put into the oven at around 150 - 200
Degrees Celsius. When out of the oven they should look like this.Next to Ice them, I just cut Circles out and put stars on top!
The finished product looked like this... But yet again all gone in the first few hours!! :)Well hope you enjoyed my baking!! Lucy xx

Monday, 24 August 2009

I'm back from Holiday!!

I'm Finally back from holiday had an amazing time up in Northumberland, lots of pictures to show you! unfortunately all the good pictures of the landscapes are on my brothers high tech camera :( but i have some nice ones of the places i visited.

This is of the garden at the back of the cottage i stayed in at Wooler.

Chillingham Castle was the first place i
visited, a great place for scaring the pants off you!! the stories about ghosts and the scary w
alk around the ground throughout the beautiful forests. Click on the link to find out more, it was a great place. That's me in the Torture Chamber..... Lovely!!!!

This is Dunstanborough castle in Craster near the sea. We didn't go into the castle because we thought it would be a waste in time because its a ruin not the actual castle. It wouldn't be as if we were going to look at old furniture!! heh. Instead i went down to the rockpools to find fish adn some cool shells to bring home and store in my treasures!

This is Cragside house in Rothbury. A beautiful estate, very very large took us almost the whole day to look round every nuc and cranny! The inside was gorgeous big and spacious lots of stained glass windows and paintings of dogs.

This is Howick Hall Gardens, the home of Earl Grey tea. A remarkable place, with the biggest arboretum i have ever seen, it attracted loads of wildlife. Butterflies and bee's that are su
pposed to be endangered. Wonderful!!

I managed to do some stuff with my Hama Beads. heh, couldn't resist!! i just loved the hedgehog and the tulip bulb. :) :P

Managed to finish my Wedding order. Hurray!!! 10 butterflies and 10 hooks (they are not all there) Took forever, still havn't come up with a price?? hmmmm.

I did a Spider and a much more complicated Dragonfly to pass the time also.

Hope you enjoyed this post, love to hear your comments.
Lucy x

Sunday, 16 August 2009

my bead work!

I did a bit of bead work today, a nice spider and a few dragonflies on hooks. Not a good picture I'm afraid, no good light at all today, its been very clouded over and threatening to rain all day. :(

Haven't had time to do much today unfortunately, I've been packing for a weeks stay in Northumberland!!! But when i get back I will have lots of bead work done and i couldn't resist taking my favourite Hama beads with me too.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

mmm brownies!!

Made some chocolate brownies this morning, for all the family, unfortunately by the time i had a chance to take a picture most of them were already eaten!!
Today w
as a big craft day, my mum and I got loads of crafting done. I managed to finish a bracelet order I did on my bead loom, my mum crocheted a nice yellow bag and some cute lavender bags. I also managed to make some bracelets with a bow made out of ribbon, that i can hopefully sell at the Christmas fair.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Scarecrow Festival!!

On Wednesday I went to the scarecrow festival in Kettlewell with my mum. I had a glorious time! The theme this year for the Scarecrows were based on theater productions such as: Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, etc... I took many photographs but my overall favourite was, of a scarecrow Vicar that was situated just outside the church. but altogether there were many different Scarecrows some humorous ones that people had put out for the amusement of others.