Saturday, 15 August 2009

mmm brownies!!

Made some chocolate brownies this morning, for all the family, unfortunately by the time i had a chance to take a picture most of them were already eaten!!
Today w
as a big craft day, my mum and I got loads of crafting done. I managed to finish a bracelet order I did on my bead loom, my mum crocheted a nice yellow bag and some cute lavender bags. I also managed to make some bracelets with a bow made out of ribbon, that i can hopefully sell at the Christmas fair.

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Around the hook said...


I see you're quite new on blogland! Fun to see young ones too, I'm 18!

i love your mums lavender bags!

I saw you've a Rhodesian R. They're beeeeaaaauttttiifffulllll! We considered taking one but then decided that one dog is enough for now :-)

See you!