Monday, 24 August 2009

I'm back from Holiday!!

I'm Finally back from holiday had an amazing time up in Northumberland, lots of pictures to show you! unfortunately all the good pictures of the landscapes are on my brothers high tech camera :( but i have some nice ones of the places i visited.

This is of the garden at the back of the cottage i stayed in at Wooler.

Chillingham Castle was the first place i
visited, a great place for scaring the pants off you!! the stories about ghosts and the scary w
alk around the ground throughout the beautiful forests. Click on the link to find out more, it was a great place. That's me in the Torture Chamber..... Lovely!!!!

This is Dunstanborough castle in Craster near the sea. We didn't go into the castle because we thought it would be a waste in time because its a ruin not the actual castle. It wouldn't be as if we were going to look at old furniture!! heh. Instead i went down to the rockpools to find fish adn some cool shells to bring home and store in my treasures!

This is Cragside house in Rothbury. A beautiful estate, very very large took us almost the whole day to look round every nuc and cranny! The inside was gorgeous big and spacious lots of stained glass windows and paintings of dogs.

This is Howick Hall Gardens, the home of Earl Grey tea. A remarkable place, with the biggest arboretum i have ever seen, it attracted loads of wildlife. Butterflies and bee's that are su
pposed to be endangered. Wonderful!!

I managed to do some stuff with my Hama Beads. heh, couldn't resist!! i just loved the hedgehog and the tulip bulb. :) :P

Managed to finish my Wedding order. Hurray!!! 10 butterflies and 10 hooks (they are not all there) Took forever, still havn't come up with a price?? hmmmm.

I did a Spider and a much more complicated Dragonfly to pass the time also.

Hope you enjoyed this post, love to hear your comments.
Lucy x


Louise said...

Hi Lucy, I really enjoy the photos of the castles, I love to visit different castles when I am over in your neck of the world. Love the creations you made with the Hama beads, very clever!! Your blog is very nice too, I'll will be back to visit often.

Around the hook said...

Wowwwww spoooky that torture chamber!

Hihi I'll be the one to visit ruins, I hate castles with furniture! :-)

Yerk that spider is terrific!



Attic24 said...

Just back from N'umberland...already missing it...we went to all the places you did too, gorgeous place, my heart is still there!