Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Recipe for Muffins.

I was clearing out my baking cupboard this morning, when i found some newly bought icing, so I thought I should make some Chocolate Chip Muffins with icing on top but made my way!!
Ingredients: Sugar, Butter/Margarine, 2 Eggs, V
anilla Essence, Icing Sugar, Self Raising Flour and Chocolate.
I never measure out ingredients because i find it always tastes better!
Firstly i add the Butter (Around 3-4 table spoons) and Sugar (same amount of Butter or more if needed), I then mix for the first stage.Secondly, I add the Eggs and whisk until the sloppiness of the Egg has mingled with the Butter and Sugar. It always looks awful! Thirdly I would add the Chocolate chunks. I never buy the Chocolate Chips because you never get the taste of Chocolate unless you add loads of them, so I thought i would take a picture of the chunks I use. I tend to get a bar of Morrison's own brand of Chocolate and use a whole lot!!Next I would add a tsp of Vanilla Essence, Icing Sugar and Self Raising Flour. I mix together until nice and creamy. Now put the mixture into Muffin Cases. Then put into the oven at around 150 - 200
Degrees Celsius. When out of the oven they should look like this.Next to Ice them, I just cut Circles out and put stars on top!
The finished product looked like this... But yet again all gone in the first few hours!! :)Well hope you enjoyed my baking!! Lucy xx


marigold jam said...

Wow your cakes look good enough to eat! Well done. Thank you for your comment on my bag charm - I am glad you liked it.

I will be following your blog now and look forward to more delicious recipes!


Louise said...

Hi Lucy, Your muffins look very fancy, like a professional made them - they look good enough to be in the bakers window! I bet they were delicious....