Monday, 31 August 2009


Here is the project my mum and I are working on, its not going to be finished for some time though. :( Too much other stuff to do!!

Found some old felt yesterday and decided i should make some things to sell out of it. Well I have been making lots of things because I'm soon going to sell lots of stuff on the Internet. i.e. Ebay... Ive made so far a few purses and a badge but i have cut out all the shapes, have a look.|
Starting with sheets, finishing with ......

( The back of the blue purse)

To store all this so i can stockpile them, i need to take a trip to Ikea and get a bit of storage :) should have the finishing look of my bedroom ( it will look very packed) tomorrow or Wednesday!
Hope you like what i have done :) Have a nice week. Lucy x


marigold jam said...

I love the little sheep - how much will he/she be selling for? Looking forward to seeing the finished bedroom later. What are you making with the appliqued embroidered rectangles? Is it to be a wall hanging or a quilt? Look forward to seeing that too when complete.


Louise said...

I LOVE the little embroidered/appliqued pictures! They are fabulous. I just adore the purses too - I have a bit of a purse addiction! Love the sheep - he is very sweet! I think your little creations will sell like hot cakes!