Saturday, 7 June 2014

Bad photography!

Really sorry for any blurriness, I use my iPad camera and it can be very unfocused at times!
My girlfriend (business partner) and I are very busy beading for the stalls and I am currently trying to plan and possibly go ahead with teaching some beading at the Embsay craft Samuel Taylor's shop. So August is going to be a very hectic month before I pack up and get back to university!

I thought I would share the padded jewellery display I made from scrap wood and fabric which folds away for storage and is sturdy. Since these photos I have added some ribbon to make the display have a few more purposes. Hopefully my stalls won't be too packed!

 This is my latest dragon that I have made, I added scales along its spine which has made the whole bead work a bit more rigid and strong which I am pleased with.

So once again I have bought some more beads :/ I really do have a lot, but 'I can't buy happiness but I can buy beads which really is the same thing!'
Anyway! I bought a size smaller than I usually use which makes all my designs cuter, but the beads are very difficult to use as they're so small and the wire won't go through the beads more than twice.
I haven't used a lot of them yet so more mini ornaments will be on the way.

This is the size comparison using the same design.

I would just like to thank Louise at Gephart386 for our first ever order on Etsy! I would love to post photos, but I completely forgot to take some! So I hope it's a surprise :)

Also thank you for the comments on my last blog post. I wasn't expecting anything as it has been three years! They brightened my day!

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Marigold Jam said...

How clever both the stand and the beaded creations! Good luck with your business - hope you have lots of sales.