Monday, 20 September 2010

Weekend Painting!

I found that Slate is a great material to paint on! A little project to get my painting up and running.
I'm using this outside as a house number plate.

My mum used up all her old scraps of wool to make this dazzling multicoloured blanket.
I think its very eye catching and is almost like one of those magical illusions!!
This is the last slice (all be it a big one) of the cake I baked at the weekend. I used any left over ingredients I could find!
This last GCSE year has started with a bang for projects etc... It doesn't quite help when the weather is so terrible! Wishing you all better weather than it is in the Pennines!
Thank you for visiting.
Lucy xx


marigold jam said...

Love the slate piece! Your Mum's crochet is lovely and so colourful and I think I'd pass on that yummy looking cake as I am trying to keep off the weight I have managed to lose! Sorry you are having horrid weather - we have had lots of sunshine and it's been mild during the day too. Shall I send you some? Sunshine I mean!

Like the back to school background and the apple!!

Jane x

Louise said...

I LOVE your painted house number on slate, what a clever idea! Your Mum's blanket is pretty amazing too. We've been lucky with our weather the last two weeks after months of blistering heat it's now sunny, but lovely and cool.
Take Care,

Joy said...

What a post! Each photo made me go 'Wow how wonderful!'
I am such a textiles girl that the blanket just delighted and impressed me SO much! Cheers to your mum!
What a beautiful medium the slate is! I am sure you will continue to do amazing things with it! The possibilities!
And yum for the cake!!!!!!!

Yiota said...

Once again, I thought I'd left a comment here!
Anyway, I love, absolutely adore the slate! Love the colours and the theme.
Your mum's blanket looks gorgeous and reminds me that I need to get down on working with mine as I don't see it ready any time soon.