Saturday, 16 October 2010

Beads, Crochet and Puppydogs....

At long last my mum and I had an evening of crafting together! I did the Beading and my mum did the Crocheted bags from left over yarn.
I came up with a new design of dragonfly that is more delicate for around the neck.
I have a new art project on the go, it differs from the others as I got to choose any subject to base it on. As I love my doggies very much I thought dogs would be great to paint. This is a little practice piece.
Last week was work experience week again! I decided this time that I would spend it at my mum's school. I found it such an amazing experience and didn't want to leave!!
Happy weekend to you all!
Lucy xx


Louise said...

Great painting Lucy, I love your combined creativity. Very inspirational.

marigold jam said...

Love the dragonflies Lucy and your Mum's bags are great too especially as they are made using leftover yarn - very of the moment now that Waste not Want not is back in vogue! Your art work is really very good and if that is a practice piece the finished offering will be excellent I am sure. Glad you enjoyed your work experience - any thoughts of changing course and becoming a teacher now?!

Love the new blog background too.

Have a great weekend.

Jane x

Yiota said...

Hello my youngest friend! How's our little busy bee? I love your new dragonflies; they're so delicate.
I love it that you have work experience weeks - I wish we had them here, too.
Take Care!

Joy said...

Lovely work Lucy!
Thankyou too for your thoughtful comment on my blog. I haven't been well enough to blog lately, but I am improving, and I have been able to do some textile work so your blog is particularly inspiring at the moment! Cheers!

The Garden Bell said...

So sorry... I haven't popped in lately. WOW... You are quite the artist. Love the dog picture. You got all the details right. The eyes are the hardest to do, and yours are perfect. Way too go. Those dragonflies are just too precious. Let your Mom know that her blanket is fantastic and the perfect way to use up the stash.

Blog when you can, as I know you are busy with school.


Clara said...

Your paintings are beautful. Love the granny purses. You are very talented!