Friday, 4 June 2010

I'm Back!!!

Oooooo! What a wonderful holiday, such warm weather! We set out from Northumberland at 5 am this morning and arrived back home a short while ago. My mum and I went for lots of walks and we did some gardening in our friends garden.
This is one aspect of the garden where we stayed. It is a great garden for bird watching!
This is a photo I took of one of the many birds we saw on our walks.

In between all this fun I did get lots of crafting done!! I have finished 3 projects. One I cannot show because it is a friends birthday present and she currently reads this blog!! ;)
This is a necklace centre piece, made up of little beaded squares and rectangles sewn together to create this unique form.
Just a little bracelet to sell (for school funds) at the up coming summer fayre.
And a small wall hanging inspired by Marigold Jam's gorgeous sewing.
We returned to happy chickens and happy dogs which had been well looked after by my much older brother!! Thank you Bro!
Back to school on Monday! Hope you all have a happy weekend and thank you for all your encouraging comments and support.
Lucy xx


Louise said...

Glad you had such a good time. I lerrrve the necklace centrepiece very artsy. Have you learned to crochet? The flowers are pretty.

Yiota said...

Welcome back Luce!
I'm glad you had a great time and wow... how productive you were. I agree with Louise about the necklace and I love the hanging. I'm lucky to have my own fantastic booklet from Jane.
Talk to you soon.
Take Care!

marigold jam said...

Glad you had a good holiday and those photos look great. I am thrilled to bits that you were inspired by my little efforts to make something similar and think yours is brilliant - love the little crocheted flowers on it. As you can see although I am not spending quite as much time on the computer I am still about and will be checking in as and when - thanks for your kind comment on my Montacute post. Hope you have had a lovely day today - it's been brilliant here - and that the weekend will also be enjoyable for you before your return to school. Not long till July now!


The Garden Bell said...

A trip to England is sure moving up fast on our list of places to visit. I've only been to London twice, back when I was a travel agent. But, seeing all these summer trip is making me want to go again.

You did a great job getting some crafting done. Post you birthday treat after given to you friends.

Good luck back at school. I can't wait until you are on summer holiday and join us more.

Any eggs upon your return?


Louise said...

Lovely photos and the beading is really beautiful. Hoping your summer holidays come quickly - we've only a week and one half day left before the long school summer holidays.

Joy said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful holiday! The photoes are great!
I especially love the squares and rectangles beading! It is a very exciting piece!
But then, the others are excellent too!
Good luck for your next school stint!

Printed Material said...

Lucky you! Northumberland is a stunning county. Wonderful photos of it and good to see you being so productive. Your beading is great, as is the sewing too. Not long now till the summer holiday.... I think you're going to be busy! Good luck going back to school next week. Lesley x

Jasmine J O'Neill-Stone said...

Luce :) Looks like you had a greaaat time, awesome pic of the bird i must say!
Love necklace too!
have a good evening, cyaa tomorrow :)
jas x