Saturday, 24 July 2010

Finished school.........Finally!!!

I had my last day of year 10 at school yesterday and it was great!! Finished with a bang in science, (explosion experiments) a little party in tutor period and time to chat with all my friends in English. I also was given next years timetable for lessons, its the same as this years but I have many new teachers.

Now to show you, what I wanted to show you, a long time ago, but as I was so overwhelmed with work this is the first opportunity I have had!
For my project I had to choose two different shoe artists(from a given list) and copy a piece or two of their work and write an analysis. For my first artist I chose Madison Moore. Copied three pieces of her work, trying to get them as accurate as possible.
For my second artist I chose Mark Schwartz. His style of painting shoes is very abstract and to copy his work I had to choose some of his more simple works.

To conclude I made a little flip book with some of his other (more complicated) paintings in and then painted a sketch of some art materials.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you are having a relaxing, sunny summer!
Lucy xx


Louise said...

Hi Lucy wow what a talent. I am envious, tee hee.Have an excellent summer:)

Printed Material said...

Brilliant drawings Lucy. You are an all round star! Have a great summer. Lesley

Jasmine J O'Neill-Stone said...

Lucee :) amazing pics, ive wanted to see your art work fo agess! all the effort was worth it! Have a great summer. Meet up sometime hopefully!

Love jas xx

marigold jam said...

As a shoe person - I love shoes and if money were no object I suspect I might be another Imelda Marcos! - I love this post. You are a really talented artist and with your science ability as well you must be an all-rounder which is always useful in this life!

Enjoy your summer break after all your hard work and look forward to reading more of your posts as and when you get time.

Jane x

Joy said...

Top marks from me!
Have a wonderful holiday now!

Yiota said...

Your art project is fantastic!
Have a wonderful holiday, Lucy!