Sunday, 1 August 2010

Garden update :)

The garden has grown and bloomed since the last photographs, so here are a few more photos to show the summer growth.
One more week to go at the summer camp. I must get materials together for tomorrows session.
Wishing you all a relaxing weekend!
Lucy xx


marigold jam said...

Your garden looks beautiful - I am sure you enjoy being in it when you get the chance. You don't say how the summer camp is going - are you enjoying doing the sessions there? Do hope so, Thanks for your comments on my blog - glad you still have time to visit. I always preferred my bears to dolls which I didn't care for at all! I was never very maternal I don't think!

Jane x

Printed Material said...

Just the words 'summer camp' make me wish I was your age again! Make the most of the holiday and enjoy it all. The garden looks great. I was thinking of you today as we were studying all the different bumble bees to be found in the garden. As a member of Bumblebee Conservation you'd have been able to tell me what they were straight away! Enjoy the coming weeks. Lesley x

Posy Linda said...

Lovely garden, Lucy. Those sleepy heads of yours are too cute! Enjoy your week..

Louise said...

Your garden looks just amazing! I'd love a garden like that :-) Hope you are enjoying your summer holidays and it sounds like you are looking forward to school again already!

The Garden Bell said...

Oh, my goodness, do you have a green thumb or what? Stunning. So many fun colors. I have been very busy with some family things lately so sorry it took me a while to stop by. Hope you are still enjoying your summer break and have a great time at camp. You will be back to school soon enough, so enjoy the time while you can.

Kate - The Garden Bell

Joy said...