Friday, 21 January 2011

End of dog project!

My dog project for art is finally finished!! I painted Smithy (below) as another piece of my coursework in acrylics as a change from Candy. I really loved the expression on her face.
For my final piece I chose Candy lurking in the grass. As it was my final piece and I wanted to achieve my target grade, I payed close attention to the fur and background.

My next project will be my last for my art GCSE as it is my exam.

Allotment update:
The ground has been awfully hard recently, so we have not been digging much, however my mum and I have bought some seeds ready to sow and we are taking some nice pieces of wood over tomorrow, ready for me to build some raised beds and other useful things.

I am relieved to hear that I have achieved my target grade in my maths GCSE early and have progressed onto A Level maths to get a head start, so lots of homework ahead!!

Sorry I have not been on a lot recently as I have not been particularly well, but soon to see a paediatrician, who will get me back on track!
Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!
Lucy xx


marigold jam said...

Brilliant art work Lucy! Sorry you have not been well and do hope it is nothing too serious when you see the paediatrician - hopefully something a little TLC will put right. Well done with your grades - although by the sound of it you deserve to do well as you seem to put the work in.

Thanks for continuing to visit my blog - your comments are always much appreciated.

Have a good weekend and hope that you can get on the allotment soon.

Jane x

Joy said...

Stunning Artwork! Congratulations re your exams. The allotment is waiting for Spring, and I hope the Paediatrician knows just what is needed.
I am lighting a lovely creamy candle and dedicating it to your appt. The good wishes will travel around the beautiful world and arrive at your place just in time to visit the specialist with you! Candles are great that way! wink!

Louise said...

Oh Lucy poppet so sorry to hear that you're not so well. Your artwork is top notch I am staggered by it' so life like. Many congratulations on your Maths, clever lady. Take care and get well really soon.

Louise said...

Hi Lucy, Sorry to hear you have been under the weather, I hope the doctor can put things right quickly for you. I absolutely adore your paintings, they are brilliant and so lifelike. You have a real talent. Congratulations on your grades, well done.
Take care,

Yiota said...

No idea why, but I've just read this post! Hope you're alright now! My little one is down with a temperature and a cough at the moment.
Congratulations on your progress at school. Your work is great!