Saturday, 5 March 2011


Rather hectic at school I must say, still lots to do and concentrate on, as all my exams start to lurk around the corner... Not long left for me at school though!! I have chosen my options for 6th form... they will be very hard and time consuming ones (Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Design technology) but they should lead me down the path to becoming an Engineer!
I have moved onto my Exam art coursework now and I have chosen to paint birds as they are amazing and intricate!

I had to paint from artist copies at first;
Then I moved onto working from photos I have taken myself;

On Sunday it was my 16th birthday and I had a small gathering of four friends at home. A picture of two of my friends in the lounge:
I wanted to wear a dress for
my birthday so as one of my presents, I was bought this one!
The allotment is progressing slowly due to the poor weather, but we have managed to sow some chili seeds indoors and plant onions and garlic outdoors!
Hope you are all keeping well and having a nice weekend!
Thanks for visiting!
Lucy xx


The Garden Bell said...

Excellent bird pictures. The fun thing is.. I was just thinking about you this morning. I was cleaning a few out of my roll. But, I just knew you would be back. You are looking so grown up now. Slim and Trim. Way too go. Hope all is well with you.


marigold jam said...

Good to see you again. You could always be an artist if you get tired of engineering I'd say - those bird pictures are great. Glad you had a good birthday and you look lovely in your new dress too. Getting very grown up. It's been far too cold for much gardening outside hasn't it? Still it will warm up later and the things will catch up then.

Take care and look forward to seeing you again when you get a spare moment.

Jane x

Joy said...

I love your pictures Lucy!
Happy Birthday Wishes! A bit late but they will still work!
Enjoy the gardening weather coming slowly into your allotment!

Yiota said...

Happy happy birthday wishes, Lucy! You look great in your photos!
And I agree with Jane, you could always become an artist; my favourite painting is the one before the last.
Take Care!

Clara said...

Beautiful work. I think you picked the perfect dress!