Saturday, 28 November 2009


It has arrived! My fantastic giveaway from Yiota arrived this morning!! It is brilliant and so exciting! Fab, fab , fab stationery and xmas extras. I have taken photos:Wonderfully wrapped!!! All the lovely goodies inside. This notebook has the most beautiful paintings of the flora and fauna of Greece. So so interesting and gorgeous!! I don't even want to write in it!!!!! And the lovely Ribbon and Christmas goodie!!!
Thank you soooo much Yiota!!
Hope you all have a lucky week like mine!
Lucy xx


Yiota said...

Wow! It has come already? In 3 days?
I'm so happy that you're happy! Hope you enjoy everything and I know what you mean about not wanting to write in the notebook.
Have a lovely weekend!

Louise said...

Gosh those were fabulous gifts to receive! Lucky you :-)

Around the hook said...

I love the ribbon!

Must have been so exiting opening it! :-)

The Garden Bell said...

What a multi talented artist you are. I just followed the link from Around the Hook. Hope you don't mind if I follow, you are someone with the same passions of life. Keep up the blogging, you are doing great. I do see that you have found Lucy over in Attic 24, so you are on the right path. She is one of my favs.