Sunday, 15 November 2009

Gardening for wildlife.

We have joined NATURAL ENGLAND'S 'The Big Wildlife Garden' campaign. I have made a bug house out of wood and we are creating a variety of wildlife habitats throughout the garden.
The compost bin is well used and full of worms!! A hedgehog visited the garden regularly this autumn to fatten up before hibernating for the winter.
Just a quick post today as I have an exam next week! Lots of studying to do !!!!
Enjoy the week ahead.
Lucy xx


marigold jam said...

Well done you - that'll be one happy hedgehog and some pretty contented bugs too! Good luck with your exams.

Have you changed your page with those lovely leaves and flowers or is it my memory that is at fault?!


Louise said...

How lovely to have a hedgehog in the garden! Well done on creating new homes in your garden for nature. Good Luck with your exams! Hope they go smoothly for you.
Like the cool changes you have made to your blog.

Yiota said...

That sounds like a great project! Good for you! I wish I had a garden.
Good luck with your exam.

Yiota said...

Hey Luce! Just popping in to tell you you've won my giveaway. Congratulations! Send me your address here : and I'll make sure you get the notebook you chose and the other goodies soon. I'm happy that you won as I know you'll appreciate the artist's work.
Don't forget to ask your mum if that's ok with her. Maybe it would be better if I wrote her name on the envelope?
Congratulations again!