Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Robin and the Puppy...

End of term, school work has meant little time for crafting this week, therefore just a photo I took of one of the many birds that visits the garden to feed from our bird feeders!!
And I love looking back at Smithy when she was just a little puppy.

I wish she was still a Puppy!!!
Lucy xx


Around the hook said...


Puppies are always such cuties, lovely little fur balls!

Louise said...

Absolutley fantastic photo of the robin! Puppies are so cute, sometimes it's shame they have to grow up.

Yiota said...

I love the picture with the robin!
Stay tuned; there's a party coming up!

marigold jam said...

Lovely photos - that is some cute doggie! I am sure she is lovely still but in a different way now she has grown? Is that you in the picture?

Have you finished school yet? I am sure you are looking forward to the holidays now.

Jane x