Saturday, 16 July 2011


I have been trying out some new designs recently and would love your opinions....
The spider isn't new but the rest are. They are more 3D than they look here.
Maybe I could use them as phone charms? The dragons have difference coloured under-bellies and the wings are convex.

Above shows a tree hole digging session held at my mums school as part of a forest schools project. All the volunteers (including myself) dug holes for new trees to be placed in by pupils later in the week. At the moment the lower school grounds have been planted as a wild flower meadow but in the long run the area should look like a mini forest with walkways and willow structures. Trees planted so far: Oak, Hornbeam, Juniper, Scotts Pine, Wild Cherry, Alder, Elder, Wild rose, Field Maple,Pear, Apple,Beech and Rowan.
Hopefully all this wet weather we are having here will water the trees in!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Lucy xx


marigold jam said...

I love all the little beaded designs. Wonder if they would stand up to being phone charms and being in a handbag squashed against the other stugg though? Be a shame to spoile them and they really want to be were they can be seen all the time - that's my opinion anyway! Hope the forest grows as planned - it's looking good and what a lovely view you have from tere too.

The Garden Bell said...

You've been beading up a storm. So cute and I like the idea of a phone charm. Great field of poppies

Joy said...

Two completely different parts to your blog: and both are wonderful!
I can imagine that a little beaded dragon would make the most wonderful phone charm in the world!

Louise said...

Love the dragons!! I've tried some flowers in the past, these are all amazing.

Printed Material said...

Hey Lucy. Long time no comment but I can now read your blog again! Cannot get my head around how you design those beaded things but they look really good. I still have my dragonfly hanging from my kitchen shelf that you sent me. I'm sure they'll get snapped up and used in many ways. Good luck with the trees. Hope they all take good hold and thrive. So good to catch up once again! Love to Mum. Lesley x

Yiota said...

Love the dragons! You're very clever! Phone charms sounds like a good idea; how about key-rings?
Hope the trees grow all green and healthy!

Lynne said...

I thought they were brooches when I first saw them. They look great, and I love the earings on a previous post.
The mini forest will be great for children and wildlife.