Monday, 15 February 2010

Jar toppers and the Cheshire cat!

Inspired by Garden Bell, I have followed Kate's super instructions for pin cushion jar toppers and here are the results!! They will be very useful and I am very pleased.

After reading about a forth coming film - Alice and Wonderland, on Printed Material, I went to the film's website and printed out their template of a Cheshire cat and cut it out. After a lot of bending and sticking, it now actually looks like a cat!! I can't wait for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland film, which will come out in March.

It is the school holidays this week and I have lots of studying to do, because there will be lots of exams between March and June, resulting in me posting a lot less. :( But I am sure I will find some time in-between!!
Lucy xx


The Garden Bell said...

Stunning. These turning out great. What a fun thing to sell at your sale. I love the beads inside. Hope they go gang busters and sell lots. Love the smile on the cat.

Keep posting I look forward to each and everyone you do.

Kate - xoxoxoox

marigold jam said...

Those jar toppers look great and I am in awe of your cat! He's lovely. Enjoy your break from school and take a moment here and there in between your studies to let us know how you are doing - we'll miss you too much otherwise! All work and no play make for a dull boy but of course you must work hard if you are to study engineering - it's all about balance!

Jane x

Joy said...

I love the way the jar topping pin cushions look like icecream cones! And yay for the Cheshire Cat!

Printed Material said...

Think of all the skills you are learning by tackling these projects! The Cheshire Cat turns out to be a feat of paper engineering and a half doesn't he? Good Luck with the studying.I sense you have the application required to do well in your exams and we'll all be there right behind you wishing you well. Lesley x

Yiota said...

Are you enjoying your school break or is it all studying? I love the colourful pictures of the jars and those jar toppers are great.
Happy Weekend!