Wednesday, 24 March 2010

School trip

Today I went on a school trip with my Engineering class to the Jaguar/ Land Rover factory in Liverpool. Inside we saw all the machines making parts and constructing the Land Rover cars. The machines are much like the ones on the Citroen Picasso advert . It was an amazing trip and will make me look at cars a whole lot differently from now on!!
I thought I would show you the card I made for my mum for mothers day, I decided to put my beads on something different, other than wire so I stitched on to some card.
This is an indoor plant I bought my mum for her room at work to brighten it up!!
Lucy xx


The Garden Bell said...

Well, you little gardener you... I know you mum must of loved her new plant. All mum's love plants. And a fab card too. Love the bead idea here.

Your car trip sounds very interesting. Looks like you were looking at the best one's out there and the most {pricey}....Way too go. Think big.

Great post again.

Perfect day at the pool,
Kate - The Garden Bell

Louise said...

Lucy your card is really amazing! It's just beautiful, I bet your Mum was impressed.

Joy said...

You have a lucky mum! I love the muted colours on the card, very elegant!

Louise said...

Clever lady the card is super. Mum is indeed lucky. I love that you are an engineering student and artistic. That rocks.

marigold jam said...

Lucky lucky Mum! I'd be thrilled to receive such a lovely card and that plant in its lovely colourful pot too.

Glad you enjoyed your day at the factory - it's always interesting to learn how things are actually made isn't it? And you may as well be thinking big with Land Rover and Jaguar eh?!!

Jane x

Printed Material said...

That card looks like a few hours work Lucy. It is lovely and I bet Mum was over the moon with it. I would have been fascinated like you by the trip around the car plant. Nearly the end of term - are you revising for exams in the holidays or going to have some fun? Lesley x

Inca said...

What a lovely card,it must of taken you some time to sew all the beads on,but so worth it,bet your mum was thrilled with the plant and beautiful card.Glad you enjoyed your school trip they are always better when it is something your actually interested in.becky xx

Jasmine J O'Neill-Stone said...

Awsome card Luce :)

I wish we got to go on trips with our options, but i dont 'spose we could go to germany for the day ehh? wonder where we could go for A level german? ;)

Jas x