Sunday, 28 March 2010

Busy busy busy ...

Despite having to complete 2 english coursework's,
2 art self portraits and an arts award project,
I still had time to paint some pots .... because I felt like a busy weekend!!
Hope you have all had a relaxing and happy weekend,
Lucy xxx


marigold jam said...

Glad you were able to touch base anyway! I guess it's school work you are busy with so keep at it!!


The Garden Bell said...

Thanks for popping in to leave us all a note. Love your self portraits. Nice colors. Glad you are keeping busy.

Hugs and enjoy the rest of your weekend,

marigold jam said...

That's me - always too quick off the mark! Glad you had time for some fun pot painting as well as your school work.

Jane x

Joy said...

What a lovely productive creative weekend!
I just love your use of colour in those portraits! And the expressions are great. You are doing the light so well too!

Printed Material said...

Those self portraits are fabulous. Wow, not only are you an engineer but an artistic one too.Great use of tone and colour. Love that ironic - or is it sardonic - look on your face. Great stuff. Lesley x

Yiota said...

Love your portraits and well done on your performance!
You paint, play music, make beady things, crochet and...
you're an engineer! And you're 15! Wow! Just 'wow'!
Take Care!