Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Spring Gardening!

I have been busy doing Easter gardening. I have dug a trench, laid some edging, put down a few slabs, built a small stone wall, laid gravel and I did this to open up and neaten our small front garden. :D This is the result so far:
When I started this project I didn't think I would like hard landscaping but it was quite enjoyable.
I hope you have all had a super Easter!!
Lucy xx


Joy said...

Lucy, what a lovely piece of landscaping, the curve of the path is just right, and breaking up of the line is gorgeous! What a lot of pleasure it will keep giving you.

Yiota said...
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marigold jam said...

That's brilliant - you wouldn't like a short holiday in Somerset would you?!!! It all looks lovely and really artistic. If you change your mind about engineering you could always take up landscape gardening instead.

Jane x

Printed Material said...

I'm with Jane! If I give you my address do you fancy a week by the seaside? Mum and I could go to the beach and the shops while you get on with re-designing my garden. I'll even throw in my husband as a labourer. Is it a deal?.... Seriously Lucy, you are a one-off. I've never known a teenager with such 'get up and go' as you. Just reading about your exploits makes oldies like me feel very tired! Lesley x

The Garden Bell said...

You never cease to amazing me. Now, you are gardening. What a fun project for you. You know I love my garden. Something about getting your hands dirty in the dirt and watching the plant reach for the sun.

Can't wait to see more pictures.

Back Home Hugs,
Kate - The Garden Bell

Louise said...

Are there no end to your talents? Just got in myself after plnting spuds onion and carrots (so far)Very tired now. I can imagine enjoying a pretty garden like you have made. Well done! Inspiring!!

Yiota said...

Hey sunshine! I removed my comment as soon as I realised I'd used a wrong word; sorry! Some teacher I am!
Hope you're getting some rest after all the hard work!

Inca said...

wow Lucy,how clever you certainly are,your garden looks perfectly enchanting,I would love to do something with our garden,if you ever fancy a city break,we have two dogs,and 5 children,you certainly have many talents!I dug my veg patch over today and told my 3 teens how I would love to change our very dull lawn,wish they would have a little of your enthusiasm and creativity!I'm staring my youngest age 2 off young as she loves to help in the garden!You have inspired me to take a pic of my garden and do something with it,thank you,keep up the fab work,beckyx

Jasmine J O'Neill-Stone said...

Well done Lucyy. We are just getting round to re-planting, but seeing as we have the chickens, its very hard to plant anything, because as soon as we m plant anything, the hens come along and eat it!!! :) Speak soon.

Jas x