Sunday, 11 April 2010

Lancaster, Alice in Wonderland and Flowers!!

For our first proper day out since the cold Winter, my Mum, my much older brother and I went on the train to Lancaster. Here are some photographs:
This is the Keighley train station (The Victorian side) .
Lancaster Castle. We could only go around part of the Castle as it is still in use as a Prison/Court House.

We also visited Lancaster Priory.
Just one of the gorgeous stained glass windows. This one is a modern replacement and the blue glass looks beautiful.

Last night I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D with a group of friends. It was GREAT !!!!

Here are a few flowers in the front garden, I am still waiting for the others to flower.
I just love the Lung wort and Cowslips.
My all time favourite at this time of year has to be Bleeding Heart (Lady in the Bath)
I can remember playing with the flowers when I was very little!!

I now feel like going to make a flower out of beads!!!!

Lucy xx


Yiota said...

Looks like you're having a great weekend. The historic buildings in your pictures are the kind of sights I like visiting.
As for the flowers, you've taken some wonderful pictures of them!
Take care!

marigold jam said...

Sounds as though you had a great day out. Love that stained glass window - I bet it was stunning with the light coming through? Your flower photos are great too - yet another string to your bow - photography eh?!

Are you back to school tomorrow? I hope you have had a good break and are now ready to return refreshed and ready to go?

Jane x

Joy said...

What gorgeous photoes! And a great day out! I can't wait to see the bead flower!

Printed Material said...

Great photos Lucy and it looks like you had a fab day out. I love old railway stations and churches and as for Alice in Wonderland! I saw it a few weeks ago and thought it was great too. It wasn't as 'edgy' as I thought it might be bit it was a Disney film so maybe to be expected. Those green eyes of Johnny Depp were mesmerising and the make-up and costumes were something else weren't they? Back to school now? Enjoy! Lesley xx

The Garden Bell said...

AbSoLuteLy, one of my favorite of all your posts. Your trip to Lancaster make me want to jump on a plane right now for a tour of your country. All the building there are just breathe takingly full of history.

Now, about your garden. Stunning, as I expected it would be. I have never heard the Bleeding Hearts call "Lady in the Bath", but I'm loven' that new name for my garden vocabulary. Do also have some Lungwort, but it's just starting to come up here. Still pretty early to start on our pots. We usually don't plant until the U.S. Mother's Day here in Chicago, as we still my get a frost. But, going to get some seeds in this week. Zinnas are my favorite seeds to sprinkle around. Do you have those over there? Great for cutting and putting in a little vase inside to brighten your room.

Are you out of school for the summer already? Kids here don't get out until the first part of June.

Have a great evening there, as we are just starting our day here,

Kate - The Garden Bell

Louise said...

Sounds like you had a lovely interesting day out. The photos are beautiful and I think I would enjoy visiting this place too.