Friday, 30 April 2010

Garden update!

We have had some rain today which has watered the garden nicely, as the newly planted flowers were beginning to look a little tired.
The front garden is slowly filling with plants, but it is sometimes difficult to keep the doggies off them!!
I have also started a few little projects in my small amounts of spare time. I hope they will be ready soon!! :D
Happy weekend
Lucy xx


marigold jam said...

I wish you could come and design and make a garden here for me! It's looking really good. Enjoy your weekend and don't do too much work either study or gardening!

Jane x

Joy said...

It is looking just gorgeous. What a treat!

Louise said...

Fab baskets, so colourful. I'm thinking you'll have a lot more spare time in June/July. Do you leave in 2 weeks? Our lot do.

Yiota said...

Hi Lucy!
I haven't been a good bloggy-friend lately, but I'm still here. Your garden looks gorgeous; you've done a fantastic job! Gardening is a great break from studying.
Take care!

ShoutAboutArt said...

just wanted to say.. you have an awesome garden. And I'm jealous. (: Bet it took you while to set up looking this good.

The Garden Bell said...

Luc- I do not understand what you mean that your's will not look as colorful as mine. No way, I can see all the way across the big pond that it will. I love what you did on the wall, especially with the three buckets. Too much fun.

Can't wait to see what you are working on.

Have a great week and I bet you are ready for a break from school.

Kate - TGB

Jasmine J O'Neill-Stone said...

Awsome Lucyy (: Not long till we break up for summer now i dont think, although im not sure when we do. Ill ask you tomorrow when i see you :D garden looks awsome, and i really wanna see what u been up to, i no i havnt had much time with studying ans stuff, so i doubt you havn't either. I counted how many GCSE exams i have in this term, i have 7!! Agh :O i think u got one less than me but i dont no how many u have with Engineering so.... Anyways, cyaa tomorrow gardener (: xx

Printed Material said...

Fabulous garden Lucy. Looks like a lot of hard work has been done there! Shall be looking forward to seeing what those projects are.... Lesley x