Saturday, 8 May 2010

Garden Cross Stitch

My mum and I have been busy doing some cross stitching. Mine is the small watering can (I haven't had a lot of time to do crafting at the moment!) We enjoyed choosing the colours and it brightened up a few grey days when the sun would not shine!
At least these gardens will last through the winter!!! Happy weekend,
Lucy xx


marigold jam said...

Beautiful! I love that little watering can though those pretty gardens of your Mum's will not need watering will they?!

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend and I am glad you are finding a little time to do some fun things as well as studying.

Jane x

The Garden Bell said...

How could I not love these little guys. Just too cute. You both are doing a wonderful job and your work it A+ in my books.

Have a fun weekend,

Joy said...

I do love cross stitch! There is some pared back and gorgeously 2 dimensional about it!

Printed Material said...

Tell Mum I love the bees and the hive in her cross stitch. Your watering can fits the bill today too - we're doing planting and need lots of them! Good to see you're balancing the academic requirements with your artisitc activities and keeping up to speed with both. Hope you both have a lovely weekend. Lesley x

Printed Material said...

Don't I wish blogger had 'spellcheck'! I did of course mean to write 'artistic' . Senior moment perhaps? Lesley x

Louise said...

Ooo I do like a bit of cross stitch and those are lovely Lucy and Mum. I can get very excited about it. You have inspired me to show and tell on my blog too. Thanks Lucy.

Yiota said...

I used to have a love-hate relationship with cross stitch when I was around 9 (we were taught how to do it at school!!!!). I loved starting projects but never finished a single one, not even one. My mum always came to the rescue. Now I see all these beautiful ideas and feel tempted to brush up my skills.
Love your watering can and your mum's garden is amazing!
Take care!
PS. Verification word: ducks; hmmm! maybe I should start with a little pond with ducks!? :)