Saturday, 10 October 2009

My Art project.

I have been doing my art project for over a week now and I still haven't finished!! Some photographs have been taken, not close up though but will do that once I have finished and I am happy with the results.First and second page, on the left are two of the artists (Gina Mikel) paintings and next to them a copy of a certain part of them. On the right there is info on the artist with some decorative tissue paper around it.
Third and forth pages. On the left two more printouts of her work with written analysis and a copy on the right in watercolours with another written analysis.
Fifth and sixth pages, on the left a flap with info underneath and on top foam writing (saying Graphite and Ink) with sponged paint on and ink around the lettering. Underneath there is a print out of a graphite and ink drawing and next to that is a leaf from the garden and a watercolour painting of it just below. (unfortunately the leaf has gone a bit brown :0 ) On the right there is the same picture as on the left but cut in half and the right side of it is drawn in pencil and Indian ink by me.
To finish off, I baked some buns and thought "its close to Halloween" So I decided to do Halloween buns!!
Well that is all for today's post, hope you liked it :)
have a nice weekend Lucy x


marigold jam said...

Looks like you have done a lot of work there - hope the teacher will like it too. Love the buns as well very colourful.


Yiota said...

Wow! You're so talented! I love the way you've organised your project. I'm sure you'll get an excellent grade. Let us know.

Louise said...

Fabulous art project! I wish I had that sort of talent. :-) The buns are very cool, quite a good idea for halloween. Hope you get a good grade on your project.

Around the hook said...

What nice work you've done for that project! It is really an eye-treat!