Sunday, 18 October 2009

MY Etui box .....

I took the pictures of the last page(s) of my art sketch book a few days ago, thinking that I had prepared for my next post. I handed it in (awaiting results should get them on Monday).
SO this morning I came to the camera and put the memory card in and wallah..... nothing, it had completely vanished!!
To cheer myself up I baked :) Cinnamon swirls, yummy!!
Fortunately I had something I was saving for a day like this. (the reason for the title) A family friend invited us over as 'guinea pigs' for her handmade Etui lessons, it was brilliant. My mum and I chose the material and followed instructions and the result (I think anyway) is great.
I managed to find some on ETSY, they look good.
Have a nice week everyone and hopefully I will have got my art results soon :)
Lucy xx


Yiota said...

Hope you get a good mark on your art project. Don't forget to take the pictures again.

marigold jam said...

Gosh did you make that fabulous little box? It's beautiful. Good luck with your marks on your project and don't eat too many of those yummy cinamon swirls!

Jane x

Louise said...

Wow! Those boxes are amazing! How very clever of you to make them.

Yiota said...

Hey Luce! Did you get your art results? Hope you're doing great!
Take care!