Thursday, 22 October 2009


WOW at long last I got my art result today! 7A+! That is encouraging! Here are a couple of pictures of the last pages of my project.
Thank you very much for taking an interest.
Lucy x


Louise said...

Congratulations! Well done on your grade - you ROCK!

Around the hook said...

Oh I don't know how your grades function, here it is from 1 to 6. So A+ is good right? But the 7 what does it mean?

marigold jam said...

I take it that is a good grade - it's so long since I had anything to do with grades I don't know how it all works! It should be a good grade by the look of the work you show. Well done.


Yiota said...

Hey Luce! Congratulations! You've put a lot of work in your project and the result -both project and grade- show it. Well done, girl!