Sunday, 31 January 2010

Art project and Sunshine Award!!

I have been awarded the Sunshine Award by Jane at Marigold Jam !! Thank you :P There are so many people I could nominate for this award, so I decided to give it to everyone that I regularly visit on my Blog list, because I think YOU are all so inspiring!!!

Finally I thought I would show you my painting of President Lincoln copied from the artist - Cathee A Clausen - This was set as my next Art project for school and I am very pleased with the result! It is not how I would normally paint a face but it has shown me that painting with unusual colours can look just as affective!

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend. Thank you for visiting.

Lucy xx


Printed Material said...

There's no surprise that you've been given a Sunshine Award! I would have picked you first myself. In fact, I was thinking of you at the weekend because I had a big tidy up and found lots of seed beads and beading wires etc that I was going to give to the charity shop. Then I read Marigold Jam's list and thought of you. If you'd like them I would be delighted to post them to you. Ask Mum what she thinks and get her to e mail me if this is OK. If not, I shall not be offended and will pass them on. Great picture of Lincoln by the way. Not sure about the colour choices but they do work! Lesley.

Yiota said...

Hey 'Sunshine'! Congratulations! Isn't it a beautiful award?
Great painting! You're very talented!

marigold jam said...

Glad you were pleased to get the award! Your picture is certainly recognisable even using those colours! Why not use unusual colours - you have to try all kinds of methods to find your own style.

How did the exam go?

Jane x

The Garden Bell said...

Great to see you got the Sunshine award. I did too....I was going to put you up toooooo...

Now, about this painting of Abe....Excite. I see art school in you future. The saying goes in my family being from Illinois that we are some how related to Abe. It could be a Whale Tail of my dad's, but I think it may be true. This is wonderful and I really like all the colors you used for the shadowing.

Hope you are having a great week at school.

Kate - TGB