Saturday, 23 January 2010

A spot of baking!

A little bit of baking goes a long way when its too cold :) So I decided to make some Jam Tarts and Cinnamon Muffins!! Yummy
I have started to make a Crocheted bag, the design from Marigold Jam. All I really need to do now is add the lining. What I thought was a nice pink fabric because it would be contrasting to the green?! Thank you Jane for your advice.
I will show you the finished bag soon. Thank you everyone for all your kind comments.
Lucy xx


marigold jam said...

I think your bag is much nicer than mine! I will look forward to seeing it finished. I have redone my holes and threaded the cords and now just have to put the lining inside. We will compare notes!

That baking loolks yummy too.


Louise said...

You bag is really good! I think pink lining will be a beautiful contrast. And you baking looks delicious!

Printed Material said...

Lucy, that crochet looks exceedingly neat. I am in envy of it - similarly, your baking looks very enticing too. I love jam tarts. It's just a shame you can't get low fat ones! Lesley.

Yiota said...

Hey you talented girl! I love your bag! It's amazing! Thumbs up for pink!
Take care!
PS.I'm trying to ignore your treats; want to lose some weight :(

Joy said...

What a lovely pairing of gorgeous food and handicraft! Crochet, then eat a jam tart... just lovely!

The Garden Bell said...

WOW... you are quite the cook. Both look wonderfully yummie. Now, about that bag. You are quite the crocheter. It's looking great. I love the idea of mint green and pink. I'd keep the pink on the lighter side too. Can't wait to see it when it finish.

Glad to hear you like the purple flowers today. When it's do dark, grey and rainie like today, I'm always looking around the house for some fun color to see through my lens. Just look around and I bet you will see a rainbow somewhere.

Have a great week at school. Did you get all your homework done?....wink-wink.. I guess once a teacher always a teacher...he-he...

Keep being creative
Kate-The Garden Bell