Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Finished bag and exciting mail!!!

Look what was waiting for me when I got home from school: Garden Bell's CD give-away!!

Thank you Kate, I have been listening to the music although it is different to my usual music I really like the CD and recognise some of the tracks. (I especially like 'Slow Ride / Foghat')

Below is my finished bag. I should have double lined it like the lovely bag Marigold Jam did and next time I would make the holes larger to show more of the lining through. I have also added beads to the ends of the drawstring. Overall I have enjoyed doing the bag and have learnt from it!

I am off now to listen to more of the CD and to study for an exam tomorrow!! Thank you everyone. :P

Lucy xx


The Garden Bell said...

Study for your exam first....he-he... still the teacher.

Glad the music came. Now, you will have an idea what we listened to across the pond back in our day.

Love the inside of the bag and the pattern you picked. You new header rocks. Did yoyu bead all those?

Now, off to study..... my little friend.

Good lucky and let us know how you did.

Hugs, Kate-The Garden Bell

marigold jam said...

I love your bag - it will probably be less shapeless than mine as you have made it less mesh-y if you know what I mean? Like the new banner too. Good luck with the exam tomorrow and enjoy your CD.

Jane x

Printed Material said...

This bag looks pretty good to me Lucy. You'll be giving MJ a run for her money soon! Good luck with the exam tomorrow. Lesley.

Joy said...

The bag is just lovely! So delicate and impressively even!

Yiota said...

So how did you do with your exam? (too late to wish you good luck I'm afraid)
Your bag is beautiful and I love the beady banner.
Thanks for your last comment; it meant the world to me.

Louise said...

L O V E your new blog title! The bracelets are beautiful. Your bag is amazing too! Well done.