Saturday, 9 January 2010

Nature Notebook!

I decided to show you my Nature notebook because, I have recently added some paintings to it. Usually painting is not my forte but I thought I would develop my skills. Along with the paintings there are a few pages of general observations! I enjoy recording in my Notebook and would like to fill it with information and illustrations!!
I can't wait for spring!!
Lucy xx


marigold jam said...

Cor! Did you paint those birds? I'm very impressed! I wish I could see the notebook in real life as I'm sure it would make interesting reading.

Like you I can't wait for Spring either - it's still very cold here and walking is getting more and more difficult as the snow gets more and more compacted and slippery! Thinking of warm sunshine and primroses and birdsong!!

Jane x

Printed Material said...

Hey Lucy,
If you think you can't paint and draw you are so wrong. These illustrations are really good, especially the falcon. Well done. I can see you keeping a fabulous journal in future years. Give your talents free rein and go for it girl! Lesley

Louise said...

Wow! You're paintings are amazing! I wish I had that sort of talent. I can't wait for spring either, seems like it is a lifetime away :-S

Bubble Fish said...

How can you say painting isn't your forte!? Those birds are brilliantly done. Looking at pictures of spring and summer makes me wonder how on earth our country is capable of such extremes!

Yiota said...

You are so talented in many different ways!
I got your parcel today and love everything! Thank you so much! Now I have my own crochet brooch! I love it all. Thanks again!
Hey, I can see your reading list has expanded a lot; I hope you're not neglecting your schoolwork.(...said the teacher :) )

The Garden Bell said...

Love it... YOu are quite the artist. Keep it up. Nothing is better than nature. You have the birds eyes down. It's hard to get the eyes right. You have just the touch.

Glad to have you stopping by my garden to play. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.